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Just Take It!

I overheard my hot stepsister Kylie's likes to get freaky. Apparently, she likes to be touched with gloves & controlled. I sneak into her room to feel her up while she is , but she wakes up and catches me. She tells me she just wants to be taken by a man and then says she is going back to and that I should get out. That was the moment, make or break. I slammed my hand over her mouth, she resisted but I could tell by her eyes that she liked it. I grabbed her pussy and started fingering and she got wet instantly. I choked her and rammed my dick in her tight hole. I slapped her face and shoved my big cock down her throat which made her gag & got her even hotter. I pulled her hair & fucked her hard from behind until I unleashed my load in her hungry pussy. That's how you get it done!

Released:Sep 08, 2022
Length:14 min

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